About the blog

What is ORA-666?

It is a fictive error message thrown when the database encounters bad code or architecture. The phrase came to me during a code review. I remember I thought to myself:

It would be so awesome if the database just flat out refused to execute this piece of code. It should throw an error. Like… like, haha ORA-666! The number of the beast. The devil is in this code.

When something throws an ORA-666, the code or design doesn’t necessarily break or produce wrong results. It’s just that there is something evil lurking in the subtle details that sooner or later will come back to haunt you. The Devil is in the details.

This blog will be about all things database, with an emphasis on Oracle. I’m interested in various topics such as performance tuning, BI, data warehous, data modeling, and how to write maintainable code. I will try my best to let the blog reflect those interests.